If it were colder here, I would so look into getting something like this.

PJS autumn and winter debut Summary of the most worthwhile to start a few down

Parajumpers 2015
Parajumpers High Fill USA-1
Although the winter has not yet come, but it is time for a rainy day, ahead of winter this year to add a wardrobe to look like what the new down. For the beauty of the ladies, how a down enough to spend several years of winter? Has been ready to start a new feather readers may wish to take a look at Parajumpers launched the 2015 autumn and winter new bar. .

This year in Canada Canada Goose is also very fire towards ultra-lightweight direction,Cheap Parajumpers also seems to start biased towards the track of light winter. Has always felt very heavy PJS down this year launched a new series of High Fill USA, in addition to selection with a more lightweight, more sophisticated hand, but also added a new element on the color, in addition, the new design more waist , Highlighting the beauty of female waistline.
Parajumpers High Fill USA
New to build the High Fill USA series for women to bring a younger look, the following is a new series of new long and short paragraph.
Parajumpers High Fill Power
If you like the new fabric and texture of you, while worried about the jacket could not withstand the snow? This series also has a circle of plush High Fill Power models, the same three models for people to choose from:

Last year’s arctic so that we are afraid of the Canadian winter, PJS Polar Equipment series this year for a new transformation,Parajumpers Sale  adding about 2 times as much goose down jacket to become more warm, cold friends can be considered natural Start with one.
Parajumpers Polar Equipment
There are three levels of the outer protective cover, lock the temperature while still able to resist the snow, the body is worth a start in Toronto.
Parajumpers Masterpiece Anthology
PJS most dazzling, classic and never backward style, this Masterpiece Anthology can be said to be the soul of the brand, the highlight of course is the neck of the circle of warm hair.
Parajumpers British Connection
PJS design this year also embarked on the British wind route, whether the fabric or the choice of colors, are playing classical British style, filling low-key temperament.
Parajumpers Flea Market
Nylon mixed cotton appearance, hand touch will not feel rough, soft and smooth, this year the color is more biased bias.
Parajumpers Mastepiece Next Generation
In the summer to go sports female style, want to maintain a consistent style through the winter? PJS new sports fashion series may be able to meet you.
Parajumpers Reversible Superlightweight
Running out of fitness friends can start this PJS lightweight sports jacket, waterproof fabric is both easy and thin.

Parajumpers Knitwear
Parajumpers down Knitwer series uses bonded wool and cotton knitted fabric, the two mixed together to produce this year’s full of sexy and mysterious new. Upper body is very revealing body, especially in the waist of the care machine design, inadvertently highlight the waistline.

This jacket looks kicking butt! You can probably do bungee jumping with it 😛
I love your beanie as well!

Woah girl! What a splurge! And this post was quite informative. Now if I ever see one,Parajumpers Promotions  I’d know why there was a yellow strap at the back- it’s quite an interesting concept. And I think you did good on choosing red. I always like it when people go for bold than boring black (even though that’s what I do all the time because it makes me feel safe haha). Red was a good choice Sandy, it looks so good on you!!

Where can I go to buy the new PJS in Toronto? Buy down or recommend to brand franchisees to start a relatively safe and secure, in fact, there are many fashionable Toronto Authentic Couture big fashion clothes, start down to the store to try to fit, whether the texture is suitable for the skin.



While using brand-new season, we’ve recently been questioned by simply Parajumpers, probably the historic buyer, to be able to renew its photo on the net.
The fresh website will be current even more upgradable, additional total, along with three full width banner ad that can sponsor three distinct articles at the same time.
The middle banner ad characteristics ‘Stories‘ venture, an excellent transmission chance to the expansion from the Parajumpers brand.

From the base from the web page there’s ‘Live History ™‘ strip built-in: thanks to the hashtag ‘PJS FRIENDS‘ the podium lets all the pictures through Instagram to become gathered with each other, determined along with authorised to make the ‘social wall’.
Followers are generally invited to adopt the photo of these jacket along with write about their particular pictures. The effect is a frequently current website, in a regular pass connected with brand-new inspirations.


Parajumpers The name comes from the rescue team specializes in the recovery of human lives in extreme conditions. The team is based in Anchorage, Alaska, and the city has the specific technical skills to save lives in any part of the globe and at any environmental condition or atmospheric.
The jackets were inspired by those used by the paramilitary resistance team and are equipped with padded lining and a hood with fur edge. The lacing on the neck resembles the shape of a hook used in skydiving. For this reason the heads PJS Parajumpers are unique to the strength and durability.

New ManSS16 lines Parajumpers



Designed by Japanese artist Yoshinori Ono, Kegen is the fusion of technique and racing-inspired elements. water-repellent fabric (100% nylon) with a crumpled paper and touch effect, a detachable mesh lining (100% polyester) for better insulation and breathability, external taping for maximum water repellency.


The fabric is a 100% washed cotton and robust, with a water-repellent treatment and a delicate hand fishing. Plenty of pockets and practical details. This is one of the most traditional families but from the summer collection of contemporary Parajumpers.


Among the best-selling series of the collection. The fabric is a 100% polyester satin with memory effect and water-repellent treatment. The palette is rich and sophisticated.


An incredibly lightweight poplin 100% polyester with water resistant treatment. The perfect head light for rainy days in the city.

It ‘an Italian brand born from the experience of the designer Massimo Rosetti, whose idea was born from the encounter in an Alaskan bar with a member of the 210th Rescue Squadron (the national airline team). The “Parajumper” are brave, the better trained than any other military body, but the most important thing is that they use their skills and techniques to save lives. From this inspiration, and in extreme conditions born of technological and functional outerwear line Parajumpers.
In our shop in the center of Rome, you will find the winter clothing Parajumper line, garments made of nylon and fitted with padded and removable liners, hood with fur trim. The Parajumpers winter jackets have a large cargo pocket style with zip, useful as a door ipad, mobile phone etc.
Come and experience the winter collection of Parajumpers vests in our historical center of the store, you will understand that an article of winter clothing as well as protect you from the cold, to be functional it is also practical and especially fashion …
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